Week of October 31st!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Costumes are highly encouraged (as long as you can work out in them safely) this Monday!

This week we are concluding our current Olympic weightlifting cycle. We will test our 1-rep maxes for the snatch (Monday), the front squat (Wednesday), and the clean and jerk (Friday)!! For a lot of you, it may be the first time really maxing out. Don’t be nervous! Trust your training and go for it. And for all of you CrossFit veterans, it will be a great week to test your progress and celebrate improvements. I can’t wait to see all of the PR’s!! And make sure that you LOG YOUR SCORES in SugarWOD. That way when the movements/workouts come up again you’ll have a general idea what weights/times to shoot for. LOG LOG LOG YOUR SCORES!!

Don’t forget that on Thursday at 5 Coach Jessica will be hosting a seminar for sleds, prowlers, and yokes!! If you’ve never used any of that equipment, it will be a great opportunity to get some hands on experience! These Thursday seminars are for you to come out, ask questions, and learn new things, so please don’t miss the chance.

We have the Holidays coming up!! Our holiday schedule will be released this week, so be on the lookout.

Have a great week at the box, my friends!!

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