Week of October 24 – Goals for the Week

Two goals for this week:  No Cherry-picking, and Log in SugarWOD!!

As a Coach and an Athlete, I know that trying new movements can be intimidating, even scary.  When I see daily programming with skills that I’ve never done before, I get nervous—but I also get excited!    There are plenty of movements that even the more experienced athletes in the gym can’t do.  But just like every other movement, there are modifications and progressions that you can employ in order to develop the skills necessary to do the movements, AND still get in a great workout.  

I challenge you this week to try something new!!  Your coaches will give you plenty of options for scaling some of the more advanced movements we will see.  Ring muscle-ups, wall walks, chest-to-bar pull-ups, and pistol squats are all going to be on the menu!  You might even surprise yourself with what you are able to do, so just give it a chance!  If you don’t try, you’ll never know. 

 Also, let’s get in the habit of logging scores in SugarWOD again!  You’ve got to document where you are now in order to evaluate your progress in the future.  Most of the lifts we do in our strength portions will be repeated in the future, and it’s helpful to know what you’ve done in the past.  We also do plenty of workouts that are repeated, including Hero and Girl WODs, and knowing your previous times can help you set a goal.  

Let’s have a great week, friends!  As always, if you need anything, your Forward coaches are here to assist you.

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