Week of November 28th!

Tomorrow is our return to the gym after the official start of the Holiday season! We hope that everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving, and also enjoyed the ”Walker Special” workout on Friday! No worries if you indulged a bit over the weekend, we will just pick up where we left off!

This week we are continuing with our bench, deadlift, and back squat cycle. Monday’s workout looks like a real spicy one—never miss a Monday! We also have some high level gymnastics this week, so it’s a great opportunity to try something new or test a different progression.

This Thursday we will have Coach Tiffany for a seminar on Nutrition. The session will begin at 5, and make sure that you bring your questions for her to address.

If you haven’t signed up for the Holiday Throwdown, there is still time!! $100/team, and it all goes to a great cause. If you don’t want to complete but still want to participate, please let us know! We could use some volunteers!

Have a great week my friends!!

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