Week of 17 April

Forward Dance Crew!!

The weekend is coming to an end, and that is exciting—because tomorrow we start off fresh with a brand new week at the gym!!

We are continuing our strength cycle with our tempo lifts. This week we will get heavier as the tempo speeds up! We will also continue practicing strict gymnastics, building our foundation for strength and technique for more advanced gymnastics skills. This is a great opportunity to test yourself and measure your progress, whether it be with handstand push-ups or pull-ups! We will cap off the week with a special Hero WOD that you won’t want to miss. No cherry-picking this week, my friends!!

In addition to our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes, we have a NEW class for those of you daring enough to try!! Every Thursday at 4pm we DANCE! Coach Stacey takes us through an hour of choreographed dancing to the tune of our favorite pop hits. No dance experience necessary!! The gym is a judgment free zone, and the purpose of the class is to just move, laugh, and have fun with your gym friends. Come try it out!

Don’t forget that the gym will be CLOSED next weekend, April 22-23, for a Level 1 CrossFit Seminar. Perfect opportunity to meet up with some of your favorite gym buddies for a long run, a hike, or some ultimate frisbee! Post on the athletes page if you’re interested in organizing something!

That’s all for this week, folks. Let’s have a great one!!

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