Week of 10 April

Happy Sunday (and Happy Easter, if you observe that holiday)! 

This week we continue building a strong base for our classic strength movements (deadlift, strict press, and back squat) with some more tempo training (week 3 of 5).  Remember, these lifts are not supposed to be excessively heavy, and they are preparing us for a 6-week lifting cycle starting in May.  Let’s focus on positioning in our “slow and steady” mentality for the next few weeks to set us up for success in the month to come!

We are also continuing our strict gymnastics work this week, specifically looking at handstand push-ups.  If you aren’t comfortable going upside down, or if you don’t have the strength for a strict HSPU, we have lots of progressions to help get you there.  Even if it’s something you don’t enjoy doing, still come in!!  You have to train your weaknesses until they become strengths (and learn to love it along the way)!

This upcoming Saturday, April 15, there WILL BE NO 7AM CLASS.  The coaches are having a meeting that morning, so everyone should plan to come to the 8:30 class to workout.  The gym will also be closed the weekend after (April 22-23) for a Level 1 Seminar.

It’s starting to feel like summer again this week!  Make sure that you’re hydrating to accommodate the rising temperatures outside and inside the gym.  Don’t forget about the Kill Cliff drinks, too.  They help you re-hydrate and recover, and cost only $3.  Just let a coach know that you grabbed one and we can put it on your account!

See everyone this week!!

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