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WOD: Workout of the Day September 8, 2018

WOD No 5k? Guess We’ll ride some bikes!! Teams of 2 or 3 For Time: 350/310 Calorie Bike Every 5 minutes, teams will be required to “pay the man” a separate movement. One partner may “pay the man” while the other continues biking. Movements will become increasingly taxing so it would implore you to bike… Read more »

WOD: Workout of the day September 3, 2018

  WOD AMRAP 30 Row 150/100 Calories 100 Dumbbell Power Cleans 50/35 Row 150/100 Calories 80 Dumbbell Push Jerks 50/35 Row 150/100 Calories 60 Dumbbell Front Squat 50/35 Row 150/100 Calories 40 Dumbbell Clusters 50/35   Teams of four with two people working at a time.  One can be rowing, one doing the dumbbell movements,… Read more »