Wod News

Week of June 22! Our first week of summer in the gym!

Hold on to your butts!!  This is going to be a GREAT week at Forward.  Lots of Olympic lifting so we can get re-acclimated, of course.  But also just some fun workouts!!  Whether you love body weight movements, cardio, heavy lifting or burpees (I know a few of you love them as much as I… Read more »

First week of June!!

Outdoor classes are in full swing, and we have added the 5:30 a.m. class for all of you early birds!!  Plus, for those of you who like to kick off your weekend with a nice, grueling, partner workout, Saturday classes are back!!  Join Coach Amanda at 8 and 9 on Saturday mornings.   Still no word… Read more »

Murph and more… week of May 25

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!  We had an amazing first full week back at the box.  We braved the rain and the heat and the cold, but all in all we came out feeling amazing.  Seeing all of your faces has re-energized me, and I am so thankful for our community’s resilience.  We have another great… Read more »

Week of May 4!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and May the 4th be with you!  Lots of good stuff this week coming your way, with a big focus on cardio.  There will be a lot of running/rowing/biking, so make sure you review the WOD the day before and plan ahead (take a peek at the weather).  Make… Read more »

Week of April 27

Hey guys!!  We have another GREAT week coming up.  I love the creativity that NCR has put into our programming, and I hope that you guys are getting a lot out of it!  This week is a great combo of movements and workouts.  Let’s not lose that INTENSITY that we would normally have when working… Read more »

Week of April 13! Keeping up the momentum

Happy Easter, everyone!  Jellybeans, Reeses eggs, and deviled eggs–all reasons to get back to business (tomorrow)! Lots of great stuff coming your way this week, guys.  We’ve got a Hero WOD, some Tabata action, and not as many burpees!!  Make sure that in addition to the daily WODs you’re taking some time to practice some… Read more »

Week of April 6! Staying motivated!

Hey guys!!  This is going to be another great week of training at home–lots of opportunities to push yourselves!  And not quite as many burpees this week, which is always good news.  Hopefully we have all gotten into a daily rhythm and have allocated/prioritized time for workouts each day.  If you feel like the posted… Read more »

Week of March 30, and a little request

Hey guys!  This is going to be a GREAT week.  Don’t think so?  Start believing it, and MAYBE it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  It’s amazing how far a positive attitude can go. Have you established a workout routine yet?  No?  Well what are you waiting for?!  This week is your change to re-commit.  We… Read more »

Week of March 24! Home training!

Hopefully we have all started adjusting to training from home!  It helps to set a daily routine, and make sure you schedule some exercise and sunshine every single day.  Try  to get your family and/or pets to work out with you.  It could be time to start training for that first 5k or half marathon!! … Read more »

Week of March 16! Not a burpee in sight!

We’ve got a great week ahead of us at the box!  I know most of you will be relieved to know that there will NOT be any burpees this week.  We will see some fun and challenging lifting complexes, and an opportunity for a one rep max.  Lots of barbell, and lots of time on… Read more »