Wod News

Week of 14 September! Baby stepping towards our goals…

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and had some time to recover.  CompTrain has programmed another awesome week for us!  Lots of fun conditioning pieces, a chance for a one rep max, gymnastics, and a pretty intimidating barbell complex.  Start planning out your week now!!  And don’t forget that we now have a 6:30 a.m…. Read more »

Week of 7 September! Finally some good weather for running!

This is our first full week of September, and it looks like the weather might just be starting to cool off as we ease our way into Autumn (still a few weeks away, I know, but a girl can dream).  Perfect weather for getting outside to RUN!  I know that we have our new Assault… Read more »

Week of 31 August… Let’s get “gymnasty!”

I feel like a broken record at this point, but I have to say that last week’s programming was AWESOME!  Technically, last week was a chance to deload before a new cycle begins this week.  CompTrain has entitled the next 11 weeks of programming “Gymnasty,” which leads me to believe that we will be on… Read more »

Week of August 24! Just you wait…

Hey guys!  I’ve got to say, I saw next week’s programming and I was instantly pumped for what it has in store for us!  We will see a lot of barbell work, a lot of cardio/capacity, and a lot of gymnastics movements.  Talk about “constantly varied,” right? I hope everyone has been getting a lot… Read more »

Week of 17 August! Let’s stay focused.

I hope everyone got a chance to recharge their batteries this weekend!  We’ve got another week of intense workouts coming up, and you should make sure you’re doing all that you can to take care of yourself inside and outside of the gym.  Been feeling sore lately?  You’re not alone!  Make sure you’re getting plenty… Read more »

Week of 10 August. Let’s talk about grit!

It’s been an awesome few weeks of training at Forward.  We’ve got another great one coming up this week, with lots of conditioning WODs and some strength thrown in.  Don’t forget to check the whiteboard from now on, as we are going to include some “After Party” work that you can choose to do on… Read more »

Week of 3 August, and the beginning of the BURPEE CHALLENGE!

Looks like we will be taking a break from the excessive heat of the past few weeks!  No excuses to miss workouts this week! Last week was, believe it or not, a deload week with CompTrain.  So this week expect even MORE intensity.  We have some long, heavy conditioning workouts this week that I’m really… Read more »

Week of 27 July!! A challenge to think positively…

Hope everyone used this weekend to recover from another hard week at the gym!!  The new programming has been challenging to say the least–but also very rewarding!  Don’t forget that rest and recovery are just as important as time spent sweating your heart out.  Make sure you’re sleeping and eating to fuel your body. I… Read more »

Week of July 13!! Hope you’re hydrated…

Hey folks!  Hope everyone got some time this weekend to relax and enjoy (or avoid) the summer weather.  We’ve got another great week of COMPTRAIN programming for everyone, and my personal recommendation is to HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!!  We aren’t even halfway through summer and these days have been scorching–water and electrolytes, guys!! We will see… Read more »

Week of June 29! Programming changes and strategizing your week!!

This week is going to be as awesome as last week!  A few longer workouts, and a few movements we haven’t done in a while.  Prepare yourself for some challenging cardio, too!  I heard a lot of great feedback about the programming from last week, so I can finally let the cat out of the bag–we… Read more »