Let’s Talk Sleep

Sleep Matters You may have heard me talking lately about sleep being a main source of recovery.  Sleep is like nutrition for the brain. If you are plateauing in your workouts, feeling foggy and tired, or needing caffeine in the afternoon – lack of structured sleep could be the culprit. Did you know that lack… Read more »

What Are You Capable Of?

What are you capable of? “If you fell down on the ground, right here, right now, how long would it take you to get up?” As the first contact for most individuals reaching out to CrossFit Forward, I find myself in the perfect position to discuss CrossFit HQ’s methodologies, how it pertains to Forward’s approach,… Read more »

Primal Friendly Buffalo Wings

Fall Is In The Air I was out this weekend getting my daughter all the things needed to start school next week.  I realized that fall is right around the corner which then made me think of football.  Well, since I revolve everything around food, football became HOT WINGS!!  I got hungry and decided I… Read more »

CrossFit Forward Hero Month

We recently started a new tradition here at CrossFit Forward and had loads of fun doing it. July will from here on out be Hero Month! Hero Month is an entire month of CrossFit Hero WODs which are tough, grueling, and typically longer workouts that test your mental toughness. These workouts are named after fallen… Read more »