Week of 4 January! Time to refresh our routines!

Happy New Year, Forward athletes! If your New Year’s Resolution is to get fitter, stronger, and happier, then THIS IS IT!!  We can start the year refreshed, build new routines based on healthier habits and hobbies.  That won’t look the same from one person to the next, but if you need help to figure out… Read more »

Week of 30 November! A heads up on some January offerings!

Hope everyone had a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!  It is officially the Holiday Season, and the tree is up at the gym to provide some festive atmosphere!  Bring in an ornament to add a little personality to it, if you’d like. This is going to be a fun week, with several of the long conditioning pieces… Read more »

2020 Holiday Schedule!

Here is the Holiday Schedule for the next few months.  Please make sure that you RESERVE A SPOT for the special holiday classes, as they tend to fill up quickly and we want to be safe!! Thanksgiving 11/25 – Last class at 3:30 11/26 – Closed for Thanksgiving 11/27 – Classes at 8 and 9… Read more »

Week of 9 November! From classes to competitions…

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  We have another great week of programming coming up, so make sure you reserve your class spots soon!! There is also a holiday thrown in this week, so maybe try to come to a different class time and meet some new people.  We have a lot of new faces,… Read more »

Week of October 12! More strength is in store…

Hope everybody had a great weekend!  Let’s load the front end of this week with LOTS of positive energy to carry us through.  We are coming off of a deload week, so you can expect to be pushed this week. Strength portions will return to class!  I know that’s good news for everyone.  We will… Read more »

Week of September 21! Festivus recap, and upcoming week

This weekend we had 30 Forward athletes throw down for Fall Festivus at Forward!  Nothing beats the thrill of sweating it out side by side with your fellow gym mates, leaving it all on the floor, chasing that last rep.  Win or lose, it was a great experience for everyone.  I can’t wait for the… Read more »

Week of 14 September! Baby stepping towards our goals…

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and had some time to recover.  CompTrain has programmed another awesome week for us!  Lots of fun conditioning pieces, a chance for a one rep max, gymnastics, and a pretty intimidating barbell complex.  Start planning out your week now!!  And don’t forget that we now have a 6:30 a.m…. Read more »

Week of 31 August… Let’s get “gymnasty!”

I feel like a broken record at this point, but I have to say that last week’s programming was AWESOME!  Technically, last week was a chance to deload before a new cycle begins this week.  CompTrain has entitled the next 11 weeks of programming “Gymnasty,” which leads me to believe that we will be on… Read more »

Week of April 27

Hey guys!!  We have another GREAT week coming up.  I love the creativity that NCR has put into our programming, and I hope that you guys are getting a lot out of it!  This week is a great combo of movements and workouts.  Let’s not lose that INTENSITY that we would normally have when working… Read more »

Should I compete? Reflections from 2020 Winter Chiller

First of all, congratulations to Rob, Jon, Kelly, Meredith, Mike, George, Tylor, John, and Connie (and me, too) on their hard work at the 2020 Winter Chiller at CrossFit Intense this weekend!!  We showed up, we worked out, we had some laughs, and we left feeling like we all accomplished something. You may have seen… Read more »