Week of 8 February!!

We are back at it again tomorrow!!  Just a reminder that we are going to be introducing a few new COVID precautions and procedures, so here are a few things to expect.
Classes will be limited to 7 athletes, so if you come during a busy class make sure you reserve your spot ASAP!  If you choose not to attend the class you signed up for, PLEASE go in the app and remove your reservation so someone on the waitlist can attend.
Coaches will be taking all athletes’ temperatures when they arrive for class, so please be patient.  If you have any symptoms whatsoever, DO NOT come to the gym.  If you are coughing (with the exception of “Fran” cough) or appear to be sick in any way, the coach will ask you to leave.
We will continue our cleaning procedures, including mopping after every class and wiping down all equipment and surfaces.
Song’s weightlifting classes are postponed for one more week!  Nutrition Bootcamp is continuing with no postponement.
I hope everyone is ready to hit the ground running, because we have an intense week ahead of us!  We have a variety of strength portions, including powerlifting and Olympic lifting, and some fun, LONG workouts.  There’s definitely something for everyone.  You’ll also want to make sure you join us on Saturday for one of our three classes, as we will be doing a partner workout in honor of a very special person that day.
Let’s have a great week guys, and stay tuned for more info about the CrossFit Open, because we will be gearing up for it in the next week or two!!! FINALLY!!