Week of 4 January! Time to refresh our routines!

Happy New Year, Forward athletes!

If your New Year’s Resolution is to get fitter, stronger, and happier, then THIS IS IT!!  We can start the year refreshed, build new routines based on healthier habits and hobbies.  That won’t look the same from one person to the next, but if you need help to figure out what that looks like for you, take some time and think on it.  Talk to me, talk to your coaches, talk to one another.  There is no better time to hit the “reset button.”  If you seek help with your diet, we have a Nutrition Bootcamp beginning later this month to help you get on track!  If you want more info, let me know.  We also have lots of opportunities for skill practice outside of regular class times, so keep an eye out for upcoming information!

This week you will see more strength portions in the class, and a LOT of Olympic Lifting!  Lots of long workouts, too, as we are still focused on engine building for this programming cycle.  Don’t forget, we are preparing for the CrossFit Open that will begin in two months.  Let’s focus on our preparations, and practicing our weaknesses!

I look forward to seeing what this New Year will bring for all of us.  As always, thank you for being such an amazing community.  Every athlete who walks in our doors gets a built in support system along with their membership, and that is something you just can’t put a price on.

I will see you all soon!  Let’s have another great week!