Week of 25 January!

I hope everyone got some rest and/or some active recovery over the weekend.  Last week was tough, and this week may just be even tougher.  But that’s why we do what we do, right?

This week is all about the barbell.  You’ll see it most days, and it ranges from light to moderate to heavy.  Each WOD is either ten minutes or longer, too, so this week is about stamina as well.  You’re going to need to figure out what your pace is from the very beginning, and see how well you can stick it out.  It’s all about finding your threshold–how long you can keep a pace, and knowing when to speed it up or slow it down.  Think about that each time you strategize a workout this week.  If you know that you tend to come out too hot, then maybe try to purposefully slow yourself down from the get-go.  If you start slower, maybe push yourself from the very beginning and see if you can maintain.

I implore you all to remain diligent when it comes to keeping yourself healthy.  Please remember to wear your mask, stay ten feet apart while working out, wash your hands before you leave… anything that you can do.  We’ve all got to work together to keep our community a safe place to be.  Also, don’t forget to take care of your mental health as well.  Winter can be a tough time for a lot of us, so if you need anything, don’t forget you’ve got your Forward Family here to help you through.

See you all this week, guys.