Week of 18 January!

Greetings, everyone!  Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and is well rested for the week ahead!  I am writing this sitting in a small cabin in Hendersonville, NC, where we went for a short getaway this weekend.  Although I had planned to get in some workouts while I was here, we were pretty non-stop the whole weekend so I didn’t really have a chance.  HOWEVER… we did practically climb a mountain yesterday.  So I guess that counts as a workout!

We have a great week coming up, LOTS of barbell work (light and heavy) and lots of engine building as always.  There is even a workout from one of the previous CrossFit Opens, so it will give us a chance to experience what we might be able to expect in March!

Going back to that mountain from yesterday… it occurred to me as we were climbing up the paths and trailways and eventually a never-ending set of stairs, that a few years ago I wouldn’t have done it.  I wouldn’t have wanted to attempt it, I wouldn’t have found it enjoyable, and if I had tried I wouldn’t have been able to walk the next day.  But yesterday we sought out the challenge, we loved the fact that it was HARD.  The hard is what made it fun.  So I concluded that CrossFit helped me climb the mountain, the actual physical mountain, because it prepared my body to do so; I also concluded that CrossFit helps me climb all those metaphorical mountains, too, that pop up in everyday life, because it has trained me to love all the challenges of life.  It made me very thankful CrossFit, for Forward, and for all of you.  I hope that you all get to experience that mountain summit for yourselves.

It’s been a great weekend away, but I can’t wait to get back in the gym and see everyone this week!  Don’t forget to reserve your spots in class!  See you all soon!