Week of November 23!! Thankful for our health and happiness.

Hey guys!  We are starting a new cycle this week with CompTrain.  It’s called “Racehorse,” and it’s the beginning of our preparations for Open season.  So hold on to your butts, and get ready for some challenging workouts over the next few months!

This week is a little wacky, since we are operating under holiday hours this week.  Don’t forget that the last class on Wednesday will be the 3:30 class, and Thursday we are closed.  The only classes on Friday are at 8 and 9 in the morning, and they are a repeat of what we did last year on the same day.  It’s the WALKER SPECIAL.  And it is a DOOZY.  But it’s also a partner workout, so you won’t suffer alone!

Thanksgiving is Thursday, and as my husband always reminds me, indulgence can sometimes be good for the soul.  No one will blame you for indulging on the holiday!  BUT… Thanksgiving is ONE meal, not a two month long event.  Don’t forget to make time for the gym this week!  You’ll feel better about all the yummy things if you make it in for a workout, I promise.

Can’t wait to see everyone this week–the holiday decor is going up soon!!  Come check it out!