Week of 9 November! From classes to competitions…

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  We have another great week of programming coming up, so make sure you reserve your class spots soon!! There is also a holiday thrown in this week, so maybe try to come to a different class time and meet some new people.  We have a lot of new faces, so lots of opportunities to find some new workout buds.

Some longer WODs will take center stage this week, but we will have some strength portions mixed in as well.  If you’re looking for any extra work to do before or after class, talk to a coach!  Don’t forget ROMWOD as well.

Congratulations to everyone who participated this weekend at Flex on the Pep!  There were 40 teams representing most of the local Fredericksburg gyms.  Forward was represented with NINE TEAMS, with two ending up on the podium.   Although the most obvious reason to sign up for a competition is to try to win, there are SO many other reasons to compete.  Most importantly , it’s about community.  Hanging out with your friends, getting cheered on by your family and your coaches, there’s really nothing like it.  You may feel like you push yourself to the next level of intensity during classes, but during a competition you dig deeper than ever before and push yourself to new levels of performance.

The next big opportunity to compete will be the CrossFit Open which occurs at the end of February.  Stay tuned for all the details in the upcoming months!!

Hope to see everyone at the box this week!