Week of 16 November!! Deload week!

That’s right guys, this week is DELOAD WEEK!  But don’t think that means that the workouts won’t be challenging, because they will be!!  Lots of great, long workouts this week with lots of volume and lighter weights.  We will also see a ton of gymnastics stuff woven in.  I’m really excited to see everyone push themselves!

Just a reminder that we need to stay vigilant about keeping ourselves safe and healthy, inside and outside of the gym.  If  you’re feeling ill, please stay home!  If someone around you is feeling ill, please stay home!  It’s really better to be safe than sorry, especially with the holidays coming up.  Luckily, the main side of the gym was treated this weekend to prevent spread of microbes on the surfaces of all the equipment, so that’s just another chink in our armor.  Please make sure you wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and keep distance between yourself and other athletes.  Avoid sharing of equipment, and wipe down everything you touch!

Another post will come out shortly about the holiday schedule, so stay tuned!