Week of October 12! More strength is in store…

Hope everybody had a great weekend!  Let’s load the front end of this week with LOTS of positive energy to carry us through.  We are coming off of a deload week, so you can expect to be pushed this week.

Strength portions will return to class!  I know that’s good news for everyone.  We will see some Olympic lifting in addition to our conditioning pieces for a majority of the week, as well as some gymnastics practice (get ready to go upside down).  We will also see another girl WOD this week!

We had a bunch of PR’s this weekend for the deadlift and bench press!!  Make sure you join us this Saturday for some more PR opportunities.  I will let you guys know what lifts we are doing a bit later in the week.

Can’t wait to see everyone at the box!!  Have a great week.