Week of 5 October! De-load week.

The weekend is over and we are back to business tomorrow!  We’ve got a deload week ahead of us–what does that mean??  This week, it means less “heavy” barbell, and LOTS more cardio.  Don’t worry, you’ll still be getting your paws on the barbell this week, but we will focus on building up our engines.   We will run, jump, row, and bike this week in some longer duration workouts.  It’s not a week to cherry pick workouts, so try to make it as often as you can!

Just a reminder to please keep using the Push Press app to reserve your spots in class!  If a class gets over the size limit, a coach may ask athletes who didn’t reserve a spot to work out on the barbell side.  In the next few weeks we will also be asking everyone to start checking in again, which you can do on your phone!  More to come on that, but for now please keep reserving your spot.

Let’s make this a great week guys, and don’t forget to finish it off testing your 1 rep max on Saturday!  Hope to see everyone soon!