Week of 26 October! Thoughts on the Games, partner workouts return!

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend, and maybe had a chance to watch a bit of the CrossFit Games!  It can be super inspiring to see the best in our sport compete against one another.  Watching the last event (which looked like probably the hardest CrossFit workout I’ve ever seen) I saw some of the best moments I’ve ever witnessed from the Games.  Tia and Matt, training partners, both miles ahead of the other athletes, stuck together throughout the entire workout.  Kari Pearce dominated the entire event, beating both the female AND the male athletes by a large margin (which also secured her a spot on the podium).  Haley Adams finishing her set of 300 pull-ups, even though she had ripped her hands bloody.  The mental fortitude that it took to get through that event was immeasurable.

None of us may ever make it to the games, but you don’t need to be a competitor to call yourself a “CrossFitter.”  You don’t need to ever RX a workout to be considered a CrossFit athlete.  You have to show up, put in the work, build the community, and most importantly–you never quit, even when it gets hard.  The core of what we do has nothing to do with being able to do muscle-ups or handstand push-ups.  It has everything to do with pushing each other to be better and finding joy in pushing ourselves to reach our full potential.  That it what makes our sport so special.

This week will be another great one, so make sure to reserve spots in your classes today.  Don’t forget that this Saturday we return to partner workouts, and I highly encourage everyone to wear costumes as it will be HALLOWEEN!!

See you all at the box!!