Week of 19 October! Some thoughts on scaling…

Hey everybody!  What a great week last week was!!  Numerous PRs on “Helen,” even for some of our long-time CrossFitters.  Just goes to show that when you trust the programming, trust the process, and trust your coaches, progress is the ultimate result!  Keep showing up and putting in the hard work.

Speaking of hard work, this week is going to kick our butts–in a good way!!  Lots of lifting, some long duration WODs, and some gymnastics movements sprinkled in.  Each week brings new ways to push ourselves, so make sure that you challenge yourself this week.  Try the next step in a progression, add five pounds on your lift, or row a slightly faster pace than normal.  Build upon those little steps forward, and soon you’ll reach bigger goals.

Speaking of pushing ourselves–I want to talk about what it means to be the last one finished during a WOD.  After recent conversations I’ve had with athletes, it has occurred to me that some people scale the workouts to be easier just so they don’t finish last.

GUYS.  If you finish last, it’s not because you’re not a good athlete.  It’s not because someone else is better than you.  It’s probably because you scaled the workout appropriately, and pushed yourself harder than you normally would have.  Be proud of it.  You finished, you didn’t quit, and you gave your all.  It’s not a competition between you and the other athletes in the class.  It’s you against everything in your brain telling you to quit, or to put the bar down, or skip a few reps.  So next time you are last, just remember that it’s because you chose to push yourself closer to your true potential.  That is a win in my book.  Keep that in mind this week.

We have one more Saturday for one rep maxes, and it will be… *drumroll*… clean and jerk and snatch!!  So don’t miss out!  We will also have something special planned for Halloween, stay tuned for more announcements coming soon.

See you all this week!!