Week of September 21! Festivus recap, and upcoming week

This weekend we had 30 Forward athletes throw down for Fall Festivus at Forward!  Nothing beats the thrill of sweating it out side by side with your fellow gym mates, leaving it all on the floor, chasing that last rep.  Win or lose, it was a great experience for everyone.  I can’t wait for the 2021 Open in February!!  Here are the results from the competition:

Novice Female: Rachel and Lyndsey tied for 1st, Kathleen in 2nd, and Ella and Mary tied for 3rd

Novice Male: Jacob in 1st, Patrick in 2nd, Brian in 3rd

Masters Female: Tiffany in 1st, Amy and Julie in 2nd, Pam in 3rd

Masters Male: Ed in 1st, Bill in 2nd

Intermediate Female: Valerie in 1st, Melina in 2nd, Becca in 3rd

Intermediate Male: Greg in 1st, Bob in 2nd, George in 3rd

RX Female: It was just me, so I was first and last!

RX Male: Danny in 1st, Mike in 2nd, and Justin in 3rd

Nice work to EVERYONE who competed, cheered, and contributed to the amazing energy we had at Forward this weekend.  My heart is so full with love for our community!

We weren’t the only ones competing this weekend!  The first phase of the CrossFit Games took place this weekend, and narrowed down the field of competitors to 5 men and women.  No surprise, three of the ten are COMPTRAIN ATHLETES!!  That means that they use a lot of the same programming that we do.  Just further evidence that we just need to trust the process and the results will come!

This week is going to be very challenging, especially if you’re still sore from last week/this weekend.  But it’s nothing that we can’t handle!  We have a good mix of some moderately short and long workouts this week, along with some fun strength pieces.  Don’t forget to check the white board for some extra work that you can do on your own!

Just a reminder that afternoon classes are going to be different this week!!  There will be a 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30 class from now on (no 6:30 on Fridays).  Also, if you’re an early morning person, don’t forget that we have a 6:30 a.m. class now as well!

Looking forward to seeing everyone this week!!