Week of 28 September! Let’s talk about PRs…

Last week was a doozy.  This week looks pretty challenging as well, so let’s start planning what days we are coming in!

We’ve got some great strength portions with a lot of emphasis on Olympic lifts this week.  Those will be followed by some moderately long workouts as well.  Nothing that we can’t handle!  We have had a lot of PRs lately–partially because of the incredible COMPTRAIN programming and partially because of your commitment to being better!  You guys have been showing up and doing the work, and now you’re seeing the results.  Trust the process, and progress will come.

October will bring numerous chances to PR on 1 RM Saturdays!  If you’re not sure what your 1 rep max is for lifts anymore, or if you’ve never tested them, come to a Saturday morning class and find out.  Even if you don’t PR, it’s awesome to support your fellow athletes and cheer them on during their attempts as well.  Great, positive energy to start off your weekend!

Hope everyone has a great week!