Week of 14 September! Baby stepping towards our goals…

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and had some time to recover.  CompTrain has programmed another awesome week for us!  Lots of fun conditioning pieces, a chance for a one rep max, gymnastics, and a pretty intimidating barbell complex.  Start planning out your week now!!  And don’t forget that we now have a 6:30 a.m. class, with yours truly coaching.  Hope to see you all bright and early this week!

There were some pretty rough days last week for a lot of us.  Days when we just wanted to stop and quit in the middle of a workout.  Days when we felt like that one last burpee was going to be impossible to do.  But we made it through, we did our best, and we will do it all over again this week.  Why?  Because each day we are trying to get better, even if it’s just baby steps in the right direction.

We should celebrate our incremental progress.  A small win is still a win, and it’s about our movement Forward that matters.