Week of August 24! Just you wait…

Hey guys!  I’ve got to say, I saw next week’s programming and I was instantly pumped for what it has in store for us!  We will see a lot of barbell work, a lot of cardio/capacity, and a lot of gymnastics movements.  Talk about “constantly varied,” right?

I hope everyone has been getting a lot out of the new programming lately, I know I definitely have.  I’m really starting to feel more and more prepared for the Open for next year, which if you haven’t heard, has moved BACK to February and will not take place in October.  That gives us all a lot of time to work on weaknesses, build on our strengths, and to mentally prepare ourselves.  For those of you who are saying, “what the heck is the Open?”  Well, it’s an annual event that occurs over the course of five weeks, with a different prescribed workout each week.  You can compare your results with athletes of the same age group, region, and even occupation through online scoring.  It’s awesome to see how you progress each year!  We will talk more about it as the time nears, but ask a few of the veteran athletes what they think about the Open.  They will tell you all you want to know!

Make sure you guys are drinking lots of water, eating lots of protein, and getting LOTS of rest this week.  It’s gonna kick our butts.  I can’t wait!!