Week of 3 August, and the beginning of the BURPEE CHALLENGE!

Looks like we will be taking a break from the excessive heat of the past few weeks!  No excuses to miss workouts this week!

Last week was, believe it or not, a deload week with CompTrain.  So this week expect even MORE intensity.  We have some long, heavy conditioning workouts this week that I’m really looking forward to.  Make sure you’re drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest, and eating enough to fuel yourself for these long workouts!!  Running, rowing, AND assault bike are featured, as well as some Olympic lifts and fun gymnastics movements that we haven’t seen in a while.  Trust your coaches to help you choose the best scaling options!

This week also begins our August Burpee Challenge!!  Coach Amanda is a first responder, and she is going to post how many calls she goes on for each shift during this month.  Each time you are challenged to complete 50 burpees!!  Keep track of how many you do, and at the end of the month whoever has the most burpees accumulated wins a FREE month of membership for September!!  Post on social media about your burpee experiences and tag the gym please!  Maybe team up with a buddy and do some before or after class.  Either way, just get them done!

Let’s stay focused, stay positive, and keep on working hard.  And drink lots and lots of water.  See you at the box, friends!  Love ya!