Week of 10 August. Let’s talk about grit!

It’s been an awesome few weeks of training at Forward.  We’ve got another great one coming up this week, with lots of conditioning WODs and some strength thrown in.  Don’t forget to check the whiteboard from now on, as we are going to include some “After Party” work that you can choose to do on your own after class.  Not that we will need it this week, because it is jam packed full of fitness fun!  Don’t forget about the Burpee challenge this month, too!

I think the constant factor throughout the last few weeks has been the mental challenge of most of the workouts.  Sometimes you just have to dig in and turn off your thoughts.  Turn up the grit, turn down the quit!  The collateral benefit of doing CrossFit and getting stronger (mentally and physically) is that you also grow more confident.  You develop “mental fortitude.”  You keep going under stress, while in pain, when your muscles are screaming for you to quit.  You fight through the exhaustion to get one more rep, one more round, because even though you’re not competing against anyone, you still know that it matters.  It matters to you.  It matters to your coaches, who get to watch you push yourself to meet your full potential.  Your confidence becomes your superpower.

The best part is that confidence doesn’t just reside in the gym.  It extends beyond the confines of Forward and you will see it and feel it in everything else that you do!  Want to run a marathon?  Climb a mountain?  Interview for a new job?  You’ve got that something extra now, that boost of self-confidence that can’t be ignored.  It can take you places and help you do things you never thought you’d do.  Take time to sit down and reflect–what am I going to do with my superpower?

In a time when things feel uncertain and uncomfortable, find peace of mind that you aren’t just sitting idle waiting for something positive to happen.  You’re making positive changes happen in yourself.  So keep showing up, pushing yourself, and building your grit.  We will help you along the way.

See you in the box, guys.