Week of 27 July!! A challenge to think positively…

Hope everyone used this weekend to recover from another hard week at the gym!!  The new programming has been challenging to say the least–but also very rewarding!  Don’t forget that rest and recovery are just as important as time spent sweating your heart out.  Make sure you’re sleeping and eating to fuel your body.

I know I say this every week, but the programming for the upcoming week looks AWESOME.  Definitely some challenging stuff, including a few real long burners!!  Don’t forget that Coach Song is also hosting Open Gym for Olympic Lifting on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.  Come get some FREE advice on your lifts, and see if you’d be interested in the Barbell Cycle beginning on August 3.  Only two spots remaining!!  If you are looking to improve your snatches, cleans, and jerks, this is the best way to do it.

One really cool thing about the new CompTrain programming is their daily dosage of positivity, in the form of a daily mindset (go to their website and sign up for their emails if you’re interested).  I received an email from them today that I really took to heart, and I wanted to impart some of what I thought to you guys.  It said, “don’t be the poison, be the antidote.”   Even though we have a lot to deal with right now, whether it be quarantine or the weather or what’s going to happen to schools in the fall, we can’t let the negative influence what we say or do while we are in the gym.  For many (all) of us, Forward is the place we come to let off steam, to find a bit of happiness and relaxation in the chaos that is going on all around us outside of the gym’s doors.  Preserving the positive vibes of our happy place is essential.  Why have a negative attitude about things outside of our own control?  Let’s focus on what we can control.  Let’s focus on getting better every single day, on finding the silver lining in every situation, and sharing our positivity with others.   I challenge all of you to consciously try to stay positive, at least while at the gym.  When you hear someone say something negative, call them out.  They may not have realized what they said could be perceived as negative.  I am so guilty of this, and I am taking it upon myself to be better.  We come to the gym to improve our physical health; but in the bigger picture, I think our mental health is more directly affected by what we find there.  Friends, family, a social circle of amazing people.

Let’s have a great week, friends.  Can’t wait to face this week’s challenges with all of you.