Week of June 29! Programming changes and strategizing your week!!

This week is going to be as awesome as last week!  A few longer workouts, and a few movements we haven’t done in a while.  Prepare yourself for some challenging cardio, too!  I heard a lot of great feedback about the programming from last week, so I can finally let the cat out of the bag–we are now following COMPTRAIN programming!!  I loved the Canadians, but I think this change is what’s best for us moving forward.  If you haven’t heard of Comptrain, do a bit of background research and read up on Ben Bergeron.  He trains a lot of Games athletes, including Katrin Davidsdottir.  This does, however, mean that EVENTUALLY (not quite yet) we will be switching from Beyond the Whiteboard to SugarWOD.  If you already have SugarWOD, we are listed under Forward Strength and Fitness.

Just a reminder to make sure you’re hydrating and that you’re coming to class properly fueled to work.  If nutrition is something that you are struggling with, you’re not alone!  We are here to help, and we have some Nutrition Services that can help you reach your goals.  Shoot me a message if you want to chat about it!

I hope everyone is taking some time to enjoy summertime fun!  Remember, we train in functional fitness to make us better at all types of physical activities.  Let’s all try to branch out of our comfort zones and try something different!  Kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, trail running… just the tip of the iceberg.  Just don’t forget the sunscreen, guys!

Have a great week, and I will see you at the box!!