Week of June 22! Our first week of summer in the gym!

Hold on to your butts!!  This is going to be a GREAT week at Forward.  Lots of Olympic lifting so we can get re-acclimated, of course.  But also just some fun workouts!!  Whether you love body weight movements, cardio, heavy lifting or burpees (I know a few of you love them as much as I do), this week is for you.  We have a heavy day on Tuesday (a TOTALly awesome day of lifting, hint hint), a nice long AMRAP on Thursday, and don’t forget that Fridays are for snatches!!

Keep in mind, if you see a movement in a workout that you don’t particularly care for, then you DEFINITELY want to get in for a class that day.  If you have a weakness, you should practice it until it becomes a strength.  You won’t get better at something by avoiding it!  Your coaches will help you along the way.  Trust the process, and the workout that you dread now will become one you look forward to!

Just a reminder to make sure that you’re hydrating, because the gym gets HOT during the summer.  We run the AC on days when the heat becomes intolerable, but most days we just use the fans.  So bring a water bottle, and don’t forget about our contactless water fountain!!  We also have Kill Cliff pre-workout and recovery drinks available for purchase.

Love you guys, can’t wait to see you all this week!!