Week of April 6! Staying motivated!

Hey guys!!  This is going to be another great week of training at home–lots of opportunities to push yourselves!  And not quite as many burpees this week, which is always good news.  Hopefully we have all gotten into a daily rhythm and have allocated/prioritized time for workouts each day.  If you feel like the posted WODs just aren’t enough, include a bike ride or a jog at the beginning or end of your workout.  It doesn’t hurt to work on our cardio in addition to our METCONs.  Don’t forget to include #dontweaken in your notes on Beyond the Whiteboard!!

Also, don’t forget about the CrossFit Fundraiser workouts!!  There was one posted last Friday, and another will be posted this Friday.  This is a three week long competition, so make sure you get registered and participate.  It’s fun to gauge how you compare with those in your age/geographical area, and then see how you improve when the REAL CrossFit Open is upon us (October).

This week let’s pay attention to our small victories, or “bright spots.”  By the end of the week I would love for everyone to share one or several from their week.  It could be something as simple as, “I went for a walk today” or “I checked in with an old friend.”  We have to pay attention to all the positivity around us!!  Each day is what we make of it!!

Let’s show this week who’s boss!!