Week of April 27

Hey guys!!  We have another GREAT week coming up.  I love the creativity that NCR has put into our programming, and I hope that you guys are getting a lot out of it!  This week is a great combo of movements and workouts.  Let’s not lose that INTENSITY that we would normally have when working out in the gym–just try to imagine that one person (you know we all have one) who we always compete with.  Maybe even get them to do a Zoom workout with you so that you can go head to head.  Find ways to push yourself further, get into that dark place, and release those endorphins!!

I am currently sitting in the gym where we are moving all of the mats back into place.  Painting is (mostly) complete, and soon all the equipment that’s still left in the gym will get put back into it’s proper place.  New water fountain will be installed this week!!

We are currently in the planning phases for what re-opening will look like.  Depending on what comes down from the state government, we will *hopefully* be opening our doors sometime in May.  That being said, it will look a lot different from what you’re used to.  Class schedule will be altered.  We will try to have more workouts outside.  And we will have to close for substantial portions of the day for cleaning.  But we will do whatever it takes to get you guys back in here, and athlete safety will be our number one priority.

Don’t forget about Zoom classes at 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.!!  We will do 12:30 classes upon request, but there just isn’t enough attendance to justify keeping it.  Please check in on Facebook 15 minutes beforehand to let the coach know that there WILL be people attending.  As long as one person shows up, it’s worth it to keep up the accountability!!