Week of April 13! Keeping up the momentum

Happy Easter, everyone!  Jellybeans, Reeses eggs, and deviled eggs–all reasons to get back to business (tomorrow)!

Lots of great stuff coming your way this week, guys.  We’ve got a Hero WOD, some Tabata action, and not as many burpees!!  Make sure that in addition to the daily WODs you’re taking some time to practice some other skills–double unders, handstands, even Olympic lifting if you have a barbell.  Go for some runs!  Enjoy the weather! Log all of your workouts in Beyond the Whiteboard, and don’t forget to include#dontweaken in the notes!  If you want some coaching, take a video and send it to me (Coach Buffy) or one of the other coaches.  We are here to help you.

We’ve been at this for about a month, and I must say that  I’m amazed at our community’s resiliency.  We aren’t just keeping the circumstances from getting us down, we are using the circumstances to make us STRONGER.  Please continue to motivate one another, and let’s keep up this momentum.  If you need anything, we are here for you 24/7.