Week of March 9! More lifting, fewer burpees!

This week you can look forward to a lot more lifting, especially at the front end of the week!  There’s even a one-rep max test day for the front squat, as well as a bench press day.  I know we are all “burpeed-out” so to speak–you will see them this week, but nothing like the volume or frequency like from these past few weeks.

There’s also plenty of opportunities to work on some skills.  Friday will be a day to work on pull-up/chest-to-bar/bar muscle-up progressions, so don’t miss out.  Also, the WODs are all a bit longer this week, too, so be prepared for some mentally challenging workouts.

Don’t forget to join Coach Buffy (me)  for some bench press and other heavy lifting on Thursdays at 4:30 p.m., right before the 5:30 class.  It’s a great time to come in and get in some skill work, too.

Have a great week everybody!!