Week of March 24! Home training!

Hopefully we have all started adjusting to training from home!  It helps to set a daily routine, and make sure you schedule some exercise and sunshine every single day.  Try  to get your family and/or pets to work out with you.  It could be time to start training for that first 5k or half marathon!!  If running isn’t your thing we still have plenty of options for you, depending on how much equipment you may have from home.

This week’s programming looks at little different in Beyond the Whiteboard.  NCR, who does our programming, has stopped listing Priorities and has added a “cash out” option to go along with the “No Equipment” and “Limited Equipment” workouts.  I have also included the regular workouts for those of you lucky enough to have a fully stocked home gym.  It seems like they’re really trying to get creative with the different kinds of movements they include (so we don’t end up doing a million burpees or lunges).  You can also find ways to use household objects to replace equipment you would use in the gym… for example, you can grab your kid’s backpack and fill it with water bottles and use it for a weighted vest!

If you’re finding yourself getting lonely in isolation, please reach out to me (Coach Buffy) or any of the other Forward coaches or members.  We are all here to support each other.  It is my goal to come back a stronger athlete (that should be your goal, too), and for our community bond to be stronger than ever.  You guys are what keeps me getting up everyday, and despite the challenges the world has presented us, I find myself smiling in spite of it all.  This community is a blessing.

Have a good week, guys.