Week of March 2

Can you believe that we are already entering into March??  The first week of the month features some awesomely challenging programming!  We are getting a real variety this week, including some movements that we haven’t seen in a while (pistols, sumo deadlifts).  The week will bring some short, high intensity workouts, but also features a fun chipper on Wednesday and some heavy lifting on Friday!!  Friday also caps the week off with an aptly titled WOD, “G.I. Jane.”  It’s a doozy!

Tuesday we will be working on snatches.  A lot of us find snatches to be challenging, so you definitely want to show up and practice!! The more you work on them, the more you will improve.  Trust your coaches to help you!  Soon it will be your favorite lift!

Even though the February Priority Challenge is over, make sure that you’re trying to complete a few of them each week.  Additionally, Coach Allison has challenged herself and the Forward community to a daily push-up routine this month.  Day one, March 1, starts with 20 push-ups, and each day you add two more.  You can complete them all at once or throughout the day.  Comment on the CrossFit Forward Athlete’s page to show your participation/support!

Have a great week, everyone!!