Week of February 24!

This is going to be a challenging week, my friends!!  Don’t forget to bring in those knee sleeves, you’ll need them quite a bit this week.  Squats feature in a majority of the workouts, but they are relatively light weight so you will want to really speed through them when they come up in a WOD.  We are going to get heavy for split jerks, deadlifts, and front squats, and test skills like handstand push-ups and double-unders.  LOTS of great opportunities to really push yourself this week, so come in ready to work hard.

And yes, there will be some burpees this week.  But you have to admit–they’re starting to feel a little easier/faster, right?!

We will also cap the week off with Coach Amanda’s “baby shower” event, Welcoming Baby Avery!  That is Saturday, February 29 at 8:30.  Donuts and coffee will follow the fun baby themed workout, so don’t miss this fun partner WOD!