Week of February 17

What a great week we had last week!!  Anyone still sore from all those squats on Valentine’s Day?  Hopefully you used the weekend to recover and eat some well-deserved chocolates and treats with your loved ones.  A little treat now and then is good for the soul!

Our prescription to burn off those dessert calories this week?  BURPEES!  You either love them or your hate them, but you will see them several days this week.  That’s a good thing for those of you thinking of participating in Festivus!  There are some strategies that you can use to keep a good pace, so ask a coach if you need some tips.

We also will test our mobility with some overhead squats on Tuesday, and deadlifts (woo hoo!) make multiple appearances in the programming as well.  There’s definitely something for everybody, so make sure you find time to make it into the box!

Just a reminder to try to get in early to stretch out or to work on a skill.  Start with 50 double-unders, or some pull-up negatives–maybe some extra burpees, just for funsies?!  And don’t forget about the February Priority Challenge, too!!