Week of 3 February!

The programming has been super fun and challenging lately, and this week is no exception.  Hope you like barbell work, because we will be using barbells every single day this week.  We can expect to see the return of some movements that we have been working on, such as deadlifts, snatches, and back squats.  There will be some fun gymnastics in the WODs, as well as a chance to get in some double-under practice.

Don’t forget about the priority movements that you can do before or after class!  If you didn’t know already, we have the February Priority Challenge this month.  I encourage you to take some extra time to get in a little extra fitness everyday.  Make sure you log it in Beyond the Whiteboard–whoever does the most priority work receives $100 in supplements or Forward gear, so that’s just a little extra motivation to participate!

Class sizes have been impressive lately, so let’s keep that up!! I hope to see all your amazing faces this week at the box!