Should I compete? Reflections from 2020 Winter Chiller

First of all, congratulations to Rob, Jon, Kelly, Meredith, Mike, George, Tylor, John, and Connie (and me, too) on their hard work at the 2020 Winter Chiller at CrossFit Intense this weekend!!  We showed up, we worked out, we had some laughs, and we left feeling like we all accomplished something.

You may have seen some of the photos that we have posted from the competition, and asked yourself–could I compete?  The answer is simple… YES!  You don’t have to be an RX athlete to participate.  There are scaled divisions/novice divisions, and intermediate divisions at most events.  Even if you’re just getting started at CrossFit, there are competitions designed specifically for you.  I had only been doing CrossFit for three months when I did my first competition, and it was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had since joining Forward.

Imagine the environment of a CrossFit class.  Adrenaline is flowing, music is pounding in your brain, you’re near exhaustion but you just have to get that one last rep before the timer counts down to zero.  There is no better feeling than having just finished a WOD, and knowing that you gave 100%.  Magnify that feeling times 100–that’s what it’s like when you’re at a competition.   Your gym family is there cheering you on, right next to your family and friends and fellow athletes/competitors.  Win or lose, you leave feeling like you’ve accomplished something.  That celebratory meal is a bonus, too.

There are several competitions coming up in the next few months.  I’d like everyone to seriously consider registering as individuals/teams (depending on the competition) and getting that experience.  If you want help, or don’t know how to prepare, your coaches are there to help you along the way.  If there’s any movements or skills that you’re struggling with, let’s get you set up with the personal training that you need to help you reach your next goal.

If you find that competing just isn’t for you, we totally get it!! And we would still love to see you in the cheering section with the rest of us!

-Coach Buffy