Week of January 27: Let’s get heavy!

This week is going to be epic!  Lots of barbell work this week, guys–and lots of chances to go heavy, too, for those of you looking to challenge yourselves.  Every day will feature a barbell movement of some kind.  But we have a lot more than just lifting this week!  There’s a lot of gymnastics-type movements thrown in there as well.  There’s also a few movements that we aren’t used to seeing, so let’s get out of our comfort zones and have some fun with our skill work!

As we close out January, let’s recommit ourselves to the idea that health is more than just a New Year’s Resolution.  Change doesn’t happen over night!  You need to trust the process, trust your coaches, and keep working towards your goals.  We are here to help you along the way.

This weekend several teams of Forward athletes will be competing in the 10th Annual Winter Chiller in West Virginia.  Good luck, guys!!