Week of January 20: Lots of barbell!!

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!  This week’s programming looks challenging (and fun!) so make sure you commit to coming several days!  We will be working with the barbell EVERY DAY this week (except Saturday), mostly in our “skill” portion of class, but also in the WODs.  We begin and end the work week with some Olympic lifting, so make sure you get to the box to work with your coach on technique.  Remember, you’re not going to get better unless you are doing the movement consistently!  There’s also some great opportunities to work on fun gymnastics skills this week.  As always, your coaches have an arsenal of scaling options for movements that you haven’t mastered yet, and progressions for skills that you are just learning.

Don’t forget to memorialize all of your goals on the “Bright Spots” whiteboard this week!  Big or small, we want to see your fitness victories–it doesn’t have to be a PR!  It may not even have to do with a workout.  Maybe you started counting your macros this week!  Or you chose to make your dinners instead of going out to eat.  All the little things you do add up to your overall success, so let’s celebrate it all.

Have a great week everyone–see you at the box!