Programming for week of January 13–bring on the intensity!

Almost halfway through January!  For those of you still working on your New Years Resolutions, keep up the good work!!  We’ve got another great week at the box ahead of us.

This week features a lot of shorter workouts, which means we should be dialing up the intensity!  In other words, these workouts should be done at a “sprint pace” as opposed to a “marathon pace.”  We also have some work on the clean and jerk, plus other skill work like double unders, wallwalks, and turkish get-ups.  If these movements are new to you, never fear!  Your coaches will help you figure out the best scaling option for you! Saturday’s partner workout looks like a great finisher for the week, and a great way to burn off some extra weekend calories.

If you’re still working on nutrition goals to coincide with your CrossFit training, make sure you talk to a coach and get added to our Forward Nutritional FAMBAM Facebook page!  It’s a great resource for meal prep ideas, recipes, and overall general support in eating healthy.

Have a great week, everyone!  See you at the box!