Back to Routine! Week of January 6

This is the first full week post-holiday season, so for a lot of us that means getting back into our normal routines.  Let’s start off making fitness a priority for ourselves.  No matter how busy your schedule gets, it’s important to make time for yourself at the gym!

The programming for this week is full of diverse movements, and lots of opportunities to work on some skills and skill progressions.  If you’re working on pull-ups, double-unders, or strict handstand push-ups, you’ll be happy to see them scattered throughout the week.  If you’re not familiar with these movements and don’t know where to start, just talk to your coach!!  There are lots of potential progressions and scaling options to choose from.  We all have to start somewhere!

We are also continuing our back squat cycle on Monday, to be followed with more powerlifting (yay deadlifts!!) on Thursday.

If you’ve taken a hiatus from working out over the holidays, this is a great week to get back in there and re-dedicate yourself!