Week Of December 15th

Happy Week-Before-Christmas, Everybody!!

The programming this week does not disappoint–it has something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a  more experienced athlete.

WODs will vary in duration and include a variety of movements, including some movements we don’t see very often (strict pull-ups) as well as some classic favorites (box jumps, burpees).

We’ve been working on our back squats, deadlifts and snatches a lot lately, and they make a reappearance this week in our Skill/Strength portion of classes.

You’ll also see a lot movements that we are all working towards, and lots of fun scaling options to get us closer to the real thing: handstand push-ups, bar muscle-ups, and push-ups.

Also making a reappearance this week… rope climbs!!  If you missed rope climbs last week, or didn’t have time to work on technique, this Friday you will have another chance to get to the top of that rope (pack your long socks in your bag)!

Check out Melanie getting her first robe climb ever!!

This is a perfect week to start thinking about your athletic goals for 2020.  Maybe you want to work towards that first strict pull-up, or setting a new one rep max for your snatch!  Or maybe you want to do a rope climb, or work on your jump roping skills.  Whatever your goals are, pull a coach aside or email Lindsay.  We are here to help you succeed!!  Let’s see more “Bright Spots” on the white board!!