Bright Spots Friday




If you’ve been in the gym lately you’ve probably noticed a white board with the caption “Bright Spots,” which is a “PR” board of sorts (personal records).  Those days when you’re in the gym and you just feel like everything is going right and BAM—you get a PR.  Or you get a pull-up.  Or maybe you hung from the pull-up bar for the first time without any assistance.  You know that feeling of pure elation when you do something that you never thought you’d be able to do?  That is a Bright Spot.  And that is worth celebrating.


Memorializing our successes on the Bright Spot board is a great way to motivate others to push a little harder to earn their own Bright Spots.  This doesn’t have to end with the white board, either—posting your successes on the CrossFit Forward Athletes page is a great way to share your accomplishment!  Maybe it motivates a fellow athlete to come back in to the gym after a long hiatus, or maybe makes the unobtainable seem just a smidge more obtainable.  Just that little spark of motivation can have a huge impact!

I challenge to you find a Bright Spot from your week every Friday.  It doesn’t even have to be gym related!  Maybe this week you didn’t eat from any fast food spots.  Or perhaps you resolved a problem at work, or finished a project you had been working on.  All Bright Spots!!  Start writing them on the board or posting them on the FaceBook page!  Positive thinking will lead to positive results, inside the gym and outside of the box.


Success leads to motivation, and motivation leads to success. 




With the New Year right around the corner, let’s start thinking about the challenges we are going to take on in 2020.  What Bright Spots (large and small) are you hoping to achieve?  How can your coaches help?