Icon Athlete Seminar at CrossFit Forward

As a proud Icon Athlete Affiliate, we here at CrossFit Forward will be hosting Chris Spealler on November 17th and 18th for a two-day Icon Athlete seminar. I wanted to take a minute to give everyone some context on the event.

Who is Chris Spealler?

Chris Spealler is a 7 time CrossFit Games Individual competitor and 1 time Masters competitor having stood on the podium in both the individual and masters (35-39) category. In 2010 Chris Won the Spirit of the Games award which recognized his positive personality, support of the other competitors, and all-out effort in the event. He has experienced all eras of CrossFit’s evolution, from the days of slamming barbells in the dirt in champion brand shorts and running shoes to the days of Rogue EVERYTHING, Reebok Nanos, and professionally exercising in front of thousands of people in a stadium and even more watching at home. A true competitor, standing at a towering height of 5′ 5”, Chris routinely competed against men with 40-50 pounds of body weight on him and managed to win events despite being the smallest man on the field.

Chris has also served on CrossFit HQ’s Seminar Staff conducting Level 1 Trainer and Level 2 Trainer seminars. Chris also co-created the CrossFit Competitors Course which is an even greater testament to his knowledge in the subject. As one of the few Level 4 Certified CrossFit Coaches in the world, Chris has been Coaching and teaching CrossFit at his home gym CrossFit Park City, which was the first CrossFit Gym established in Utah back in 2007. He has worked with individuals of all fitness levels ranging from beginners to seasoned competitors.

All of that aside, Chris is a humble family man who has a passion for helping others and we are grateful that he is bringing that passion to our corner of Fredericksburg.

What to expect in the seminar?

You should expect:

  • Multiple training sessions
  • Efficiency breakouts
  • Lectures on Nutrition, Programming, Mental toughness
  • Most importantly, how to focus on your “why” and prioritize your fitness in order to achieve it.

Where do I sign up?

Follow the link below!!!


What if I have any questions?

Never fear!!! Reach out to me with any and all questions you may have at adam@crossfitforward.com


Coach Adam
Head Coach (CF-L2)
CrossFit Forward