Primal Friendly Buffalo Wings

Fall Is In The Air

I was out this weekend getting my daughter all the things needed to start school next week.  I realized that fall is right around the corner which then made me think of football.  Well, since I revolve everything around food, football became HOT WINGS!!  I got hungry and decided I needed to make a tray full of my yummy Primal Buffalo Wings.

I ran up to Wegmans and grabbed everything needed.

  1. Organic Chicken Wings
  2. Franks RedHot Sauce
  3. Ghee Butter
  4. Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing
  5. Celery

Simple ingredients that make a delicious treat on any given Sunday.  Place wings on a tray and cook at 400 for 30mins.  Turn and cook and additional 15mins.

When time is up and wings are crispy, take out and place in bowl with some ghee and Franks HotSauce.  Toss until all wings are coated.

I cut up some celery and a left over tomato to accompany my wings.  Drizzled everything with Primal Kitchens Ranch Dressing and grabbed a roll of paper towels.  Great lunch despite no football games being on.  Best news is the CrossFit Games 2018 is on instead.

Try this recipe and let me know what you think.

Coach Lindsay